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Green Retail Consulting offers a full range of consulting services to retail, e-commerce, wholesale and omni-channel businesses, as well as firms that invest in the consumer sector. 

We specialize in merchandising, digital marketing, website design, data science and supply chain. 

We provide actionable analytics that give companies a competitive edge to successfully navigate the changing retail landscape.


Retail strategy based on analytics

New York, NY


Our team consists of retail and supply chain executives, data scientists and statisticians who draw on their experience to provide best in class consulting services to our clients. We are passionate about delivering measurable results to our clients quickly and with high payback on the investment in our engagements.

We bring relevant, hands-on practical retail experience that enables us to advise our clients on the most effective ways to address their issues and deliver the best results.


Facial Emotion Recognition in Retail Stores

Facial sentiment analysis is now possible in brick and mortar stores. Disguised cameras pointed toward key fixtures in the stores are now able to identify the sentiment on the shoppers' faces as they interact with the products, as well as provide an estimate of their age and gender and in some cases facial recognition. 

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