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Web Design

Our team of experts provides custom web design and development based on your individual business' needs. We work with state-of-the art technology, always keeping best practices at the forefront.


Our team specializes in:

  • Shopify

  • Squarespace

  • Wix

  • Magento

  • Wordpress

  • WooCommerce

The objective of our integrated marketing strategy is to deliver a streamlined omnichannel interactive experience for customers. Our agency services include the development of digital marketing plans, social media planning, as well as: 

  • Social media management

  • SEO/SEM services

  • Content creation

  • Relationship marketing/CRM

  • Technical Consulting

  • Architectural assessment

  • Platform selection and optimization

​Well-executed marketing programs increase revenue and profitability. Green Retail Consulting works with companies to structure such programs carefully to target attractive customer segments, create the desired image and strengthen the brand. Our retail marketing strategies encompassing email, website, catalog, and social media are designed to create maximum customer interest in the brand, stores and products. We provide expertise from the creation to implementation of store front and POS messaging focused on driving customer traffic and converting it to transactions, while maximizing average unit retail and units per transaction. 

Retail Strategy Consulting Services help our retail clients develop customized, profitable strategies, supported by the right tactical decisions and practical action plans. Green Retail Consulting understands the relationship between a retailer’s unique strategic proposition and tactical decisions, processes, and metrics that need to be put in place to enable the strategy. Our strategy engagements focused on the development of long-term retail strategic plans and short-term operating plans for the total company, as well as individual divisions of the business.   


Green Retail Consulting has achieved numerous successes in raising the productivity and profitability of existing stores. When given the opportunity in test stores to develop retail performance improvement through changes in merchandise assortment, visual merchandising, and retail marketing, we have consistently identified and proven the effectiveness of strategies to drive in-store traffic, improve conversion, increase average unit retail, and the number of units per transaction.
We measure our results in increased gross margin dollars against control group stores and the results have given our clients the confidence to roll out our improvement programs to all stores where substantial improvement has been achieved and sustained.
All improvement strategies are customized for each client, and are designed to be practical and realistically integrated into the ongoing management of the business. Therefore our projects not only produce short-term results but improved business processes for maximizing store productivity and profitability on an ongoing basis.

Green Retail Consulting works closely with leading retailers to optimize sales, margins and inventory profitability by improving inventory management through the End to End Product Life-Cycle. Our merchandising projects focus on assortment planning and buying in an omnichannel environment and begin with an in-depth analysis of our clients’ merchandising data. We then partner with merchant groups to apply best practice assortment planning and buying processes to produce assortment plans with the highest likelihood of achieving success.
While immediate performance improvement is achievable by our consultants working with client teams to produce current plans, the major benefits of our planning projects lie in the ongoing improved processes and skills designed to raise sell-through and margins, that are transferred to our client’s team.

Luxury goods industry has been subject to intense change across all functions and channels in recent years. Digital technologies have given consumers unparalleled access to products and information, significantly raising the bar for the customer experience. Our clients turn to us for:

  • Optimizing international pricing strategy, price index definition per country and per product category

  • Revising price and product portfolio strategy in an omnichannel environment

  • Identifying new growth levers, quantified potential demands and distribution channels in emerging countries

  • Enriching customer segmentation and developing effective marketing mix strategies

  • Optimizing service design and pricing

  • Digitalization and eRetailing strategy

Green Retail Consulting approaches retail Information Technology (IT) by focussing on strategic initiatives, business value, and outcomes.  We take a user’s perspective and eliminate the “techno-speak” to analyze and address the applications, infrastructure, people, and processes that have the greatest impact. We assist our clients in enhancing the use of the existing IT and leveraging new investments for long-term, sustainable results.
We have worked with retailers, large and small, throughout the full lifecycle of critical IT solutions. Our consultants have hands-on experience with leading application solutions and infrastructure. We focus on the alignment of business needs with IT, organizational change readiness, and business process improvement that are critical to business growth.
Our IT engagements have included assessments, IT strategic planning, technology/software selections, and helping clients through the implementation of our recommendations.  

Effective visual merchandising conveys the tone, voice and image of the brand and embodies the emotional connection with the customer. Strong VM can have a direct impact on driving store traffic, conversion, average unit retail, and units per transaction.  Our approach is focused on aligning visual merchandising with the timing, messaging and cadence of every critical marketing and. merchandising touch point of the retailer.

We work closely with our clients to analyze the effectiveness of their visual merchandising techniques from store planning, to visual sight lines and spatial considerations, to point of sale signing and utilization of latest visual merchandising technologies.

​Green Retail Consulting has guided retailers in the development of new retail concepts, both brick and mortar and omnichannel. We assisted in every phase of these projects including concept creation, financial modeling, site selection, product assortment and inventory planning, visual merchandising and retail marketing. Likewise provided expertise in store operations systems, policies, and procedures, as well as back-office functions required to support the new retail concept.

Green Retail Consulting combines strong merchant background in the omnichannel environment with analytical rigor to deliver best-in-class inventory planning and control solutions. We successfully establishing systems and processes to ensure that sales projections by product category have high levels of accuracy and that inventories planned match with sales and gross margin requirements.
We have also managed on an interim basis, the planning, analysis, and allocation functions for smaller clients while they build their in-house staff and structure and put our proven planning processes in place.

Customer Relationship Management is essential for every retailer​. Depending on the level of sophistication the client has been able to achieve, we have provided services that include value-based customer segmentation, loyalty program design and CRM program design and implementation.

Our approach to Loyalty Programs is data-driven and grounded in understanding the client's customer base. By combining POS data with e-commerce insights and proprietary analysis we are able to provide loyalty program development and activation services for all stages of the customer experience including acquisition, development, commitment, and retention.

Our Store Operations Consultants have extensive experience in the following key areas:

  • Store and Field Structure and Process Improvement

  • Store Labor Planning, Budgeting, and Scheduling Optimization

  • Development and Implementation of Key Metrics

  • Omni-channel Operations Assessment

  • Positioning the Field Structure to transform to a Selling and Service culture

We develop tailored recommendations for enhancement of the retailer’s service model that balance quality, cost and revenue objectives, leading to increased employee satisfaction, improved service quality and higher customer loyalty.

​Green Retail Consulting advises clients on shifting market and competitive dynamics that affect pricing decisions. We develop pricing models to evaluate how market moves and pricing changes impact the bottom line. We help our clients develop pricing strategies to address the pricing pressures facing them in today’s market environments. Finally, we provide a detailed strategy for growth.

​​​​Localization requires an understanding of today’s customer that reaches across all aspects of retail, such as store formats, merchandise assortments, pricing, staffing, and supply chain to group consumers that exhibit similar preferences. Localizing by clusters requires collection and analysis of data; centralized, data-driven decision-making; and supply chain partners who can manufacture and distribute customized products efficiently. 

Green Retail Consulting specializes in creating and implementing turnaround and restructuring strategies. 

  • Developing detailed liquidity forecasts to assess various strategic options

  • Creating and negotiating reorganization plans

  • Evaluating capital structure

  • Creating vendor management programs

  • Developing both external and internal communications programs

  • Managing disposition of unprofitable locations and mitigation of associated liabilities

Green Retail Consulting conducts cross-functional assessments of each Retailer’s e-commerce and omnichannel operations to develop a practical roadmap to cost-effectively transition the retailer’s organization structure, roles, processes, tools, performance metrics and behavior to a profitable omnichannel environment.

​Green Retail Consulting assesses the client’s promotions processes, policies, tools/analytics, quantitative goals and results within the context of the price and promotions strategy and customer price-positioning and recommends the key changes required to deliver an acceptable ROI. We help retailers make the right decisions to create more compelling and relevant promotions to engage customers and drive increased sales, margin and a better overall ROI.

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